The Diamond Connection
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Custom Jewelry

“We understand that you want your engagement ring to embody your unique personality. At The Diamond Connection, we have several jewelry designers on staff who are highly skilled in crafting rings that are remarkable and one-of-a-kind.”

“We begin constructing your custom piece by incorporating our expertise with your ideas in order to build an initial design. We also have hundreds of unique one-of-a-kind engagement rings in stock that we can draw ideas from.”

“First, we create a computer image of your custom engagement ring. We then produce a wax model of your engagement ring bringing it a step closer to life. Throughout the design process we work closely with you to modify any detail during any step of the process.”

“Once you have approved the design and the model, we move forward and craft your engagement ring using the stones and metal of your choice. Your one-of-a-kind engagement ring that embodies your love is finished with world class artisans using a combination of handmade artistry and state of the art technology.”