The Diamond Connection
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Letter from the owner:

It all began in 1924, when our Grandfather opened an engagement ring design and manufacturing company in New York City. The family business lived on when his son (my father) began cutting diamonds at the age of 15 and eventually took over the family business once he returned home from the US Air Force after WWII.

Today, the tradition continues on at The Diamond Connection in San Diego. Here, you will discover the same dedication to quality and to customer care that has been the cornerstone of my family business for more than three generations.

We'd like to thank our mother for instilling in me both patience and a love for people. These qualities are what have helped me to build The Diamond Connection into the well-established business that it is today.

Thank you,
The Diamond Connection Family

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We will clean and inspect your diamond jewelry purchased at The Diamond Connection free of charge. Should your diamond separate from its mounting through normal use and wear, we shall replace the diamond at our special wholesale jeweler rates.* We shall re-size (when possible), polish and re-tip prongs for a nominal fee.The Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to or cover accidental loss or theft of the diamond and mounting. We urge you to insure your diamond jewelry for casualty loss.

*Please be aware that The Diamond Connection does not warranty diamonds purchased elsewhere and set into our merchandise.

Crafting Perfection

The Diamond Connection specializes in loose diamonds and engagement rings. As a small, family business, we take the time to give each and every customer the personal attention necessary to build both custom jewelry and relationships. We take the time to listen to you in order to craft the engagement ring of your dreams. As your jeweler, we take pride in designing and making engagement rings with only the finest diamonds and metals, all at a reasonable cost.

There are thousands of ways to custom design your engagement ring and The Diamond Connection will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our passion for jewelry makes creating the perfect engagement ring easy for you. The Diamond Connection is devoted to great style and value. We are dedicated to our core values of:

We are dedicated to our core values
Passion, Integrity & Craftsmanship

Just as your love story is like no other, your ring ought to reflect this unique brilliance. Our passion for detail, combined with our expertise in custom jewelry and loose diamonds, is what makes The Diamond Connection the right choice when it comes to selecting your jeweler. The value of a wedding ring is not measured in grams of gold, but in sacred memories.

Lifetime commitment

At The Diamond Connection, we know it’s important to fully understand your jewelry needs. Before we begin, we take the time to listen to you and to make sure we have all of the information necessary to make your engagement ring as beautiful and unique as you. Once you receive your ring from us, our commitment to you has only just begun. We will be available to help you care for your engagement ring and any future jewelry needs for a lifetime.

  • At The Diamond Connection we have a GIA Certified Gemologist on staff at all times.

  • We provide jewelry appraisals detailing the value of your jewelry.

  • We provide cleaning and conditioning of our jewelry for a lifetime.

You can also rest assured that we adhere to local business ethics as well as national industry standards. We are members, in excellent standing, of the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Free Cleaning And Inspection For Life

It is our pleasure to clean and inspect your diamond any time you visit The Diamond Connection.

Jewelry Insurance

When it comes to insuring your jewelry, we know there are many options. At The Diamond Connection, we recommend using Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual. Jewelers Mutual has been in business for 100 years. Perfect Circle, a product of Jewlers Mutual, has provided personal jewelry insurance since 1953. Perfect Circle specializes exclusively in jewelry insurance and protects against loss, theft, damage and even mysterious disappearance. It provides comprehensive jewelry coverage that goes beyond ordinary homeowners insurance. For more information, feel free to give us a call or check out the Perfect Circle website here.