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What our customers have to say.
Tina A
Lake Forest, CA

We had been to the major jewelers (Kay’s, Robbinson Bros, etc) before we came here. The experience at Diamond Connection is definitely more intimate and personal, without being intimidating. On our first visit, Dragan was very patient and didn’t pressure us at all. We looked through engagement rings and he wrote down what I liked and said we could come back anytime if we decided to go with them. In addition, I decided I wanted to go with a different diamond midway through our ring being made and he was very accommodating. The engagement ring came with a cleaning kit and appraisal. He is also negotiable when it comes to pricing! Not to mention the fact that he gave us a celebratory wine bottle when we went back to purchase our wedding bands. I would highly recommend this place for those who want their special moment to be personal and hassle free.

Lizzie S
New York, NY

My Fiance got my gorgeous ring from The Diamond Connection last year.  I truly love it.  They were so patient and took a LOT of time with us.  I wasn’t sure what kind of ring i wanted and I tried on soooo many that my finger was red and swollen. We never felt pressured in any way. 

We had such a good experience, that we went back recently to get our wedding bands. Dragan was super cool.  He answered all of our questions and was very honest. (He would tell us if he thought a particular ring wasn’t the right one for us). We were so comfortable working with him.  I can’t wait to get married so we can start rocking our bands!

I’m looking forward to coming back again and again.

Bryan A
San Diego, CA

Well, this review is long awaited!  (My wife and I were married Oct. 2013)  We got everything here… engagement ring, wedding bands for her and me.

Everyone that works at D.C. is amazing!  They took the time to understand what ring I was looking for.  By looking at aspects of rings in their jewelry cases, Adam and crew was able to draw exactly what my wife wanted.  Never pressured to buy and not upsold!  Very patient with me… D.C. was the first store I went to (based on a referral) and after a trip to the diamond district in LA and about 10 jewelry stores, I found myself coming back to D.C.

My wife gets complements DAILY on her ring!  She deserves the best and Diamond Connection made that happen!  They were literally the only store that LISTENED to what I was looking for and never tried to show me a “like” design of the ring I was looking for.  Where other places said what I was looking for was not possible, D.C. said no problem!  My wife is a petite woman and thus, I wanted a ring that did not have a bunch of gold/metal taking over her finger.

Ring: Graduated band with channel-set square diamonds leading up to the center stone.  Asscher stone (square emerald) securely held with 4 prongs.  No bar blocking sight of the center stone from side view.  D.C. also had the best GIA certified asscher cut diamond in the price and size I was looking for.

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Mark L
San Diego, CA

Is 10 stars an option?   

Dragan made my engagement amazing.  He got to know me, my fiance (through stories), and actually dealt with two parents, one of whom can be a bit……how should I say this……insistent.   His calm demeanor turned a potentially nerve-wracking  situation — who wouldnt be nervous customizing the ring of their fiance’s dreams’?? — into a really pleasant experience.   

The best thing about The Diamond Connection, aside from Dragan’s personal touch, is the price.  You can buy a diamond ring anywhere but he delivers the most competitive prices in San Diego.   My ring was appraised at NEARLY DOUBLE the price wow!   I almost hope that thing gets lost (lol, dont tell that to the insurance company!, but seriously that would be fraud).

Without a doubt I would give my business to the Diamond Connection again, and in fact I will once it comes time for wedding bands.

Great overall experience!

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Ryan W.
La Jolla, CA

We are very pleased with not only the customer service, but also the flawless product. My fiance and I previewed several jewelers looking for the perfect wedding bands but none came close to the selection, price or personalization we found at The Diamond Connection. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Steven L.
San Diego, CA

Diamond Connection is a great place to get a quality Diamond for a good price.  I did my research.  I reviewed the 4 C’s and wanted measures particular to the 4 Cs to be GIA standard very good or excellent.  Dragan was very helpful in finding the right diamond for me.  When the particular diamond was not in stock at his store he was able to get the diamond within 2 days to supply the store stock.  What I got was this: Ideal to Very Fine Round Cut Diamond at .90 carat with  VS1 on Clarity, G on Color, and importantly all cuts were within GIA standards (Table Size, Pavilion Depth, Pavilion Angle, Crown Angle, Total Depth, No Culet, Medium Girdle), and importantly– excellent on symmetry, excellent on cut, and no florescence.  The diamond really puts off sparkle.  This is a quality GIA certified diamond at a reasonable price (just over 5K) — close to Rapaport diamond report listing.  
Dragan, thanks for your help finding a quality diamond at a reasonable price.  I say reasonable because I know the store needs to take in some profit to stay in business.

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Vanessa Q.
La Jolla, CA

I’m not much for writng reviws but lately I have had such great experiences and I feel the need to share and show my appreciation. This store has given my husband and I phenomenal service. We first tried the typical Robbins Bros. and a couple others before we read all of the great yelp revies about The Diamond Connection. Never did they push sales or make us feel like we were being hovered. So, after having such a great experience with my beautiful engagement ring (the other typical diamond chains did not have anything that came close to this size with the clairty and grade and still charged way more) which is just under 2 carats and flawless, we went back for my wedding band. They had a perfect match and I can’t walk outside without having ooo’s and awww’s :) Thank you Diamond Connection! We feel like a part of the family.

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Micah T.
San Diego, CA

Dagan is a no nonsense but non assuming salesperson. He wants to give you a good deal but doesn’t talk about their store or about irrelevant things when discussing the ring. He educates you but only 8 response to what you care about. He found the diamond I wanted and gave me a better deal than anyone else. I know because I shopped around 7 stores. I created a price matrix for the diamond I wanted. He gave me a diamond that was of better color, carat, and cut than the one I asked for for a smaller price. Buy a ring here. Don’t go to the mall. Don’t go to a chain. The value here is exceptional. You cant get more for your dollar. And, it’s a lovely atmosphere.

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Frank G.
La Mesa, CA

I normally dont write reviews unless a business really makes the extra effort and Diamond Connection in San Diego did just that.
I’ve been looking for a custom band to go around my wife’s engagement ring and these guys had not only top quality rings in stock, they were able to make adjustments and tailor the band to exactly what I wanted it to look like.  They aren’t just a jewelry store, these guys design custom sets that are absolutely mind blowing.
After I found the perfect setup, they worked with me on the price to meet my budget and beat it.
My Wife gets nothing but compliments on her new set.  If you go there, talk to Dragan, he is the Manager I believe and he was most helpful.

Lauren B.
Carlsbad, CA

Just picked up my custom designed engagement ring. Perfect. From start to finish, Martin & his team were amazing. We went next door & to other jewelers but we had the best service from the Diamond Connection!

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J O.
Spring Valley, CA

I love this place.  For all you guys out there let me tell you something, if you want your wife to be happy and you have/want to buy her a ring, this is the place to go.  Ask for Fumi and she’ll take care of you.  

We searched EVERYWHERE in San Diego (costco, robbins brothers, Leo Hamel, Zales, etc) and it just didn’t satisfy her.  Fumi helped us customize it the way my wife wanted it and she priced it right.  

It was a SUPER good deal and she went from liking a bunch of rings to LOVING one.  I’m so glad the search is over. j/k.  Fumi will take care of you and you can trust her unlike some other dealers.

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Matthew K.
Pasadena, CA

For me, if I’m going to buy the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought with my own money, than I want my experience to be personal with lots of knowledgeable people.  Being a poor graduate student, I also needed to work with the people to find a product that fit my budget but didn’t seem too cheap or grungy.  

I loved working with The Diamond Connection!  Dragan (awesome name) was very helpful in helping me choose a diamond that fit into my budget yet still looked good.  Throughout the whole process, Dragan wasn’t pushy or anything like that and allowed me to feel comfortable with it.  After doing a bit of research, I knew that the price I was paying for the ring was comparable to the bigger chains but I definitely felt that this was a more personal experience.  All of the employees remembered who I was whenever I went into the shop and even asked how my engagement went!  After referring another friend here (who recently got engaged also!), he told me that they even asked how I was doing!  Wow! So caring and they seem so invested in their customers.  

I would definitely recommend The Diamond Connection for the personalized experience and their expertise!